Dog Photoshoot Guide.

Congratulations if you have booked your very first  photo shoot for your dog with us and welcome back if you are a returning customer. We really hope that this short guide will help to make both your experience with us as happy and memorable as possible. 

Samoyed dog photography
Labrador Dog Photographer

Before your photoshoot. 

 A short time before your booking you will be contacted by one of the team to discuss some key points surrounding what you would like to achieve from your photoshoot.. Some things to consider in advance of this are:-

Location. Where would you like your photo shoot to take place.. It can be your favourite place to walk your dog or maybe even at home. We really are blessed with some breath-taking scenery in our area whether it be one of our beautiful beaches, a favourite forest walk or maybe by the side of a river or Loch the choice is yours. When considering your perfect location please take into consideration what kind of backdrop you would like for your shoot and also the type of pictures you want. For example if you would like pictures of your dog in action and even swimming we will need to have open space and water. Something else to take into consideration when choosing the perfect location is where you feel your dog will be most relaxed and possibly somewhere that there won’t be lots of distractions like other dogs and walkers. We have some favourite places of our own to photograph, so don’t be afraid to ask.

Time of day / time of year.  When booking your photoshoot please give the time of day and year some thought. For example if your shoot is on a beach we will need to consider tide times. If you have chosen  a backdrop of trees for your location you may decide to have your pictures taken at the start of Autumn, as at this time of year the beautiful tones of golds and oranges are in abundance..

The type of pictures that you want taken.  At your pre shoot chat we can discuss the type of pictures you would like to be taken. Some examples can include; your dog in action, you and your dog together, your dog on his own and your dog with other family members. We are happy to incorporate props of your choice and even outfits if you like to dress your dog up. We are more than happy to incorporate a selection of these of your choice. If you don’t want a collar in your pictures and you aren’t happy to remove it please ensure your dog is wearing a very thin collar and we edit it out. 

The order of pictures. If you decide to have a combination of action and non action shots you may wish to consider having your non action shots done first so that your dog isn’t panting excessively. But again it is entirely up to you and what you feel will suit your dog best.

Things to bring with you. Please make sure you bring a favourite toy and treats. Bribery is always good. Any props, outfits and a favourite collar and lead. A brush to do some last minute grooming if necessary. 


The day of your Photoshoot. 

 When the day of your shoot arrives we hope you will be as excited as us to get some fabulous pictures of your dog. 

 Please ensure that you arrive at your chosen location a short time before your shoot is due to start to give yourself time to give your dog a brush if necessary and to give him time to settle and take in his surroundings. 

 If you have decided to have a combination of action and non action shots we will already have discussed the order of these. We will take a little time to meet your dog prior to starting so that he is as relaxed as possible. 

 During your shoot we will be able to help you get yourself and your dog into position. We are also expert at lots of techniques to get your dog to look in the right direction with ears pricked up…. This usually involves lots of treat shaking and bribery. You may also want to consider asking a friend along to help, this could be someone who knows your dog well and is therefore comfortable with them. 

 Your photoshoot will take an hour during which time we will get as many different shots  as we possibly can. We really aim to make it a fun and enjoyable experience for you both and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with the end result. We hope you will be left with lasting memories of an enjoyable session and will be happy to recommend us to your friends.

Samoyed dog photography
Labrador Dog Photographer