Dog and Horse photography in Dumfries and Galloway

Hey, thanks for visiting. We are Dan and Steph, a husband and wife team based in South West Scotland. We specialise in canine and equine photography (or dogs and horses if you prefer?). We absolutely love taking photographs of these gorgeous animals and capturing their personality and their good looks, in fact we have developed a bit of a knack for it.

Dogs and horses are important members of the family, We know this because we have both (two dogs and three horses). We understand that you want some gorgeous images of your best friend and we will do our best to take photographs which will melt your heart. 

Photographs are taken on location in the great Scottish outdoors, this is because we think that dogs look more natural in an outdoor environment and horses don’t easily fit into a photography studio. We work mostly in Dumfries and Galloway but we sometimes travel too.


dog photographer…

We both love dogs and love photographing them even more! It’s great to be able to capture their playful or quirky nature and also their dashing looks. We have two happy, tail wagging, crazy fur monsters at home and have spent years photographing honing the skills as a dog photographer. 

The best thing about being a dog photographer in Dumfries and Galloway is that there are tons of cool dogs and some amazing places to photograph them. All of our dog photoshoots take place outdoors, at the beach, in the woods, or a nice wide open space. 

During a session we will get a wide range of different images in a mix of portrait and action shots. Of course you are more than welcome to share a photograph or two as well if you would like to?

But my dog isn’t obedient and won’t stay still we hear you say. Well that probably accounts for 99% of the dogs that we photograph (and some of the children too). Don’t fret leave the images to us, all you need to do is make sure that your dog is groomed and looking their best (make sure that any long hair has been trimmed away from their eyes).  As a dog photographer we always have a few tricks up the sleeve but consider bringing a favourite ball or toy as it may provide just the expression that we are looking for.

A session lasts for 1 hour and the session fee is payable at the time of booking and covers the session itself, planning your shoot and editing and preparing your photos for viewing in a private online proofing gallery. Sessions must be booked in advance and start from £75 for one dog, additional dogs can be included at extra cost.   

If you would like to chat about having some amazing photographs of your furry friend or if you would like a brochure then just complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page and we will get right back to you.

equine photographer…

Someone wise once said “Horses make a landscape look beautiful” and whoever they were, they were quite right.

We have been photographing horses in Dumfries and Galloway since 2007. In fact Dan started his photographic career as an equestrian event and equine photographer. 

We have three horses at home, two Irish cobs and a Shetland cross. This means that we know how to work around horses and riders, which ensures that you have a relaxed photoshoot experience.  Photoshoots can take place at your livery yard, or on location at the beach or in the forest. During a shoot there are usually opportunities to get solo portraits of your horse, horse and rider portraits and some action shots.

Your horse needs to be looking it’s best so before the session it will need to be groomed and tack should be cleaned and oiled. For the shoot it is often helpful to have a friend who can assist with bucket shaking which helps to get an alert posture. Also make sure that you have some tasty horse treats at hand, because it’s hungry work being a supermodel.

Equine photography sessions lasts for one hour, the session fee is paid when you book your shoot and covers the session itself, planning your shoot and editing and preparing your photos for viewing. After the photoshoot your images will be uploaded into a web based proofing gallery for you to view and place an order. Sessions must be booked in advance and start from £100 for one horse, if you have other horses then it isn’t a problem to add additional horses, but there is a small additional cost.  

If you would like to talk about having some beautiful photographs of your happy hooves then don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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